Locking down In New Zealand

It’s was 2020 December the world was doing just fine until there was a virus outbreak.

The world health Organisation ( W.H.O ) Nobody knew about the covid-19 virus until people went to hospitals and overwhelm the health system which became more of a serious emergency called Covid-19 (coronaviruses).

There were many deaths going on around the world and the W.H.O said that it needed to investigate the matter

in china and need to see where this virus came from and what had caused it.

By the time the news media knew about the virus. It was too late and the governments had to close every country that got infected.

The borders were closed after the infection outbreaks and everybody had to stay home until it was safe to come out again.

We had to listen to the announcements from the covid-19 government websites to be sure what were the rules and instructions to get back to a normal life.

By the time virus had spread to the communities and to different countries more people had deaths. I heard most of the hospitals were overwhelmed and had a lack of P.P.E. and also not too many staff to maintain the outbreak.

After further investigations, I heard on youtube that most of the expert medical researchers said it came from a lab in Wuhan China and was funded research by a US company FORT DETRICK. The Report came too late because the authorities in china didn’t allow the news to be reported in public until it was too late.

we are still watching the news to see what’s going on…

For more Information about Covid-19 visit the website… https://covid19.govt.nz/


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