Update 2022

Some things that you can help your neighbors…

  • Send your next-door neighbor a nice letter.
  • Having a conversation with needy people and getting to know each other so you can help them
  • starting events and activities on the weekends
  • Do something for someone unconditionally
  • Helping troubled Families
  • watch out for health risks anywhere
  • Live for a better future instead of being unhappy all the time because of past history.
  • Avoid going to Dangerous Areas where you know that you’ll get harmed.
  • Keep asking questions for help when you don’t understand.
  • Keep everyone safe when you see something wrong.
  • Keep away from toxic families and people that might ruin your life.
  • Keep a record of your spending habits.
  • Try to create your own source of income for yourself
  • Talk to a close friend if you have any concerns.
  • Be careful of workplace bullies, especially nowadays.
  • Avoid politics from different countries
  • Keep things personal and keep it that way
  • Report those people who violate your human rights

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Workplace bullying needs to be reported if you have anyone that wants to downgrade you.

Hi, there my name is Tony Chan I Just wanted to say sorry about my toxic parents they’ve been with me for a long time. If you see why they are angry all the time It’s because they have been taught that way. I need someone that help me to escape the family problems that I am facing today.

Family Life

In New Zealand, I have two parents, my Auntie and my Mum. I think I will be living in New Zealand for a long time until things change. Most of my relatives are still in china and I wish to see them someday in New Zealand. Life in New Zealand is doing okay.

What am I Looking for in New Zealand?

I have been here in New Zealand for a long time and wish to find someone that’s caring and understanding and who can improve my family life.

Work-life balance

At work, it’s not like home because your employers are unfair sometimes and they don’t treat you very well. Don’t put all your effort into your workplace. You need time to have a break and feel comfortable doing your Job. If there’s any force upon your job immediately report it to the police or quit the company.

There are many companies now that don’t care about your health and safety and bring more risks to the workplace and this is caused by mismanagement.

Keep finding the right company to work for and have a rating system so that we can work for the right company.

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