T.C notice update 2022

Some things that you can help your neighbors…

  • Send your next-door neighbor a nice letter.
  • Having a conversation with needy people and getting to know each other
  • starting events and activities on the weekends
  • Do something for someone unconditionally
  • Helping troubled Families
  • Live for a better future instead of being unhappy all the time because of past history.
  • Avoid going to Dangerous Areas where you know that you’ll get harmed.
  • Keep asking questions for help when you don’t understand.
  • Keep everyone safe when you see something wrong.
  • Keep away from toxic families and people that might ruin your life.
  • Keep a record of your spending habits.
  • Try to create your own source of income for yourself
  • Talk to a close friend if you have any concerns.
  • Be careful of workplace bullies, especially nowadays.
  • Avoid politics from different countries
  • Keep things personal and keep it that way

Workplace bullying

About Tony Chan

Hi, there my name is Tony Chan I Just wanted to say sorry about my toxic parents they’ve been with me for a long time. If you see why they are angry all the time It’s because they have been taught that way. I need someone that help me to escape the family problems that I am facing today.